Quality Policy

In order to bring production equipments we, Nakata Engineering, manufactures to reliance, satisfaction and benefits of our valued customers, we are committed to decree and manage the following policy concerning quality, keeping the legal compliance.


1. To intend always to seek for customers’ satisfaction

We put a top priority of our quality management on gaining customers’ satisfaction and benefits. In order to attain this policy, all our employees intend to perform their tasks for sure following our quality management system manual.

2. To work out continuously and uncompromisingly

Quality management requires high awareness and continuous systematic activities with a long-term vision rather than shortsighted action. We regularly conduct internal audits for sure and ever strive to improve the management.

3. To respond positively to customers’ needs

We seek to develop technologies corresponding with customers’ needs, and to gain trust from the customers. In order to attain this policy, we make our best to employ latest technologies positively, always focusing on the customers’ requirements and needs.

4.  To obey the laws and regulations

We obey all necessary rules decreed by official institutions such as the nations, government and so forth.

In order to attain all the policies above, I appoint a general manager of Quality Assurance Department as a Quality Management System control manager, and transfer my responsibility and authority concerning the Quality Management System to him/her. I also declare that all the persons concerned will carry out the Quality Management System for sure, accepting, understanding and performing all the processes decreed in the Quality Management System manual as a fundamental action principle.

Ippei Oda, President

Environmental Policy

Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. is a corporation providing designing, manufacturing, sales and services of industrial production equipments to process rubber and plastic products, and renting out partly its factory site to SRI Engineering Ltd. who manufactures and sells tire molds. We, Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly with SRI Engineering Ltd., recognize that operations of both corporations are closely related to the global environment. In order to attain harmonization and conservation of the natural, global environment in every aspect of our operations, we are committed to fulfill our social responsibility by performing our operations according to the following action guidelines.

Environmental Policy

  1. To strive for prevention of pollution by obeying the regulations and requirements regarding the atmosphere, water and other environmental factors
  2. To positively work out development and provision of Environmentally Friendly Equipments
  3. To strive for resource and energy savings, and reduction of wastes
  4. To strive for preventive environmental conservation inclusively supposing environmental impact of emergency cases such as earthquake, fire and etc.
  5. To work out improvement of our environmental performance together with continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System through opportunities of regular audits and reviews
  6. To strive for symbiosis with nature respecting biodiversity

Ippei Oda, President

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