Company Product Development Policy


Leading the Rubber Industry through Active R & D

Taking pride in our status as a leading manufacturer of equipment for the rubber industry, and leveraging the experience we have gained over many years, Nakata Engineering actively pursues new opportunities in research and development.


Equipment in the Laboratory

  • φ90mm cold feed extruder
  • φ90mm Vent type extruder
  • φ90mm Pin type extruder
  • φ90mm Roller head extruder
  • φ150mm pin type extruder
  • Gear pump etc

Test Screws of Various Specifications

Our company has a large laboratory room used for the development and testing of extruders. This enables us to design and customize equipment that meets the specific material and performance requirements of our customers. The graph below shows an example of an experiment we conducted using our extruder screw to measure extrusion output, temperature, and screw rotation speed.

Flow Simulator

Predicting and analyzing the extrusion shape during the design stage contributes to the improvement of the flow path design and shortening of the development lead time.

Intellectual Property

As part of our research and development activities, we appropriately apply for patents and designs that are highly necessary.