Sustainability Environmental Initiatives


Environmental Policy

Nakata Engineering Co., Ltd. is a corporation that provides design, manufacturing, sales and services of industrial production equipments to process rubber and plastic products. We also rent out part of factory site to SRI Engineering Co., Ltd. who manufactures and sells tire molds. Both corporations recognize the close relationship between our operations and the global environment. Therefore, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by following the action guidelines below to achieve harmonization and conservation of the natural global environment in all aspects of our operations.

  • 1. We will strive to prevent pollution by complying with regulations and requirements related to the atmosphere, water, and other environmental factors.
  • 2. We will actively pursue the development and provision of environmentally friendly equipment.
  • 3. We will strive to save resources and energy, and reduce waste.
  • 4. We will strive for preventive environmental conservation, taking into account the potential environmental impacts of emergency situations such as earthquakes and fires.
  • 5. We will work towards improving our environmental performance and continuously improving our Environmental Management System through regular audits and reviews, while striving for symbiosis with nature and respecting biodiversity.
  • 6. We will value biodiversity and promote coexistence with nature.


Cubicle update (power monitor)

  • Cubicle installation reduces energy costs
  • Efficient energy management by power measurement of the power monitor unit
  • Efficient improvement of excess power through demand management

Switching to LED lighting

  • Drastic energy savings by switching to LED
  • High brightness for safe work at night
  • Long-life lighting reduces replacement and disposal costs

Reduction of water consumption

  • Reduced water consumption by reducing the number of taps in use
  • Replacing the time-consuming hand-washing sink with a dishwasher
  • Educate all employees on ways to reduce water consumption

Greening activities

  • Installation of lush green flowerbeds with lush green vegetation on the premises
  • Installation of green curtains made from natural vines for light blocking
  • Regular planting of seedlings