Company Quality policy / Organization


Organization Chart for Promoting Quality Management System (QMS)

Organization Chart

Quality policy

To ensure the reliability, satisfaction, and benefits of our valued customers with the production equipment manufactured by Nakata Engineering, we establish the following quality policy and promote quality management activities as well as compliance with laws and regulations.

  • To pursue customers' satisfaction at all times

    In our quality management, we prioritize customer satisfaction and contribution to their benefit. All of our employees are dedicated to performing their tasks reliably by following our quality management system manual, with the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and contributing to their benefits.

  • Strive for continuous activities.

    In order to effectively manage quality, it is essential to maintain a long-term perspective and continuously prioritize improvement. This requires a strong awareness of quality at all times and systematic, ongoing efforts. Regular internal quality audits should also be conducted to ensure ongoing progress.

  • Actively respond to customer needs.

    We strive to develop technologies that meet our customers' needs and gain their trust. To achieve this goal, we always focus on our customers' requirements and employ the latest technologies in a positive way.

  • To ensure compliance with laws and regulations

    We comply with all necessary rules decreed by official institutions such as the nation and government.