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The keystone equipment playing an extremely important role to improve quality of “Tires” which represents whole rubber products, is a “multiplex extruder”



A tire consists mainly of components called tread and sidewall. In addition, each component consists of several rubber segments of different properties, so that the tire can demonstrate superior performances. In the older time, each rubber segment had been made individually. Then, a number of segments had been bound together to form one tire. A multiplex extruder eliminated such conventional processes. Today, several rubber segments can be all made in one component from the beginning, with excellent accuracy without trapped air in-between.



We, Nakata Engineering, provide the tire industry with both pick-a-back type and opposed type multiplex extruders. The former type has a head with 2 – 6 extruders vertically and radially stacked in line on its back. The latter one has a head with 2 – 4 extruders on its both sides. A Concentration of our latest technologies and long-term experiences makes us possible to develop the multiplex extruders and lead our industry.


Opposed type Triplex Extruders


Opposed type Quadruplex Extruders




Modification to Retrofit Chimney Extruder onto Existing Head

Nakata Engineering developed a technology to retrofit an extra-extruder for Chimney onto the existing head in a customer’s plant. We are pleased to comply flexibly with customer’s requirements and needs. Our unique preformer technology makes us possible to offer a service to mold the customer’s actual production profiles.





(side view)

(top view)

(Reference GA) (250Hx120Kx150Px120P)

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