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Roller head unit that has advantageous characteristics superior to the conventional calender system

The roller head unit consists of a single or duplex extruder, a die head, and a vertical two-ball calender with head clamping devices. The broad width head and calender form the rubber compound into a sheet of uniform thickness, which can be varied from 0.5 mm -20 mm or greater in thickness. Nakata roller head units provide significant benefits over conventional calender systems in the production of inner liners, rubber sheets, V-belts, and elastic components.


The sleeve exchange roller head unit is used for profiled inner liner production for passenger, truck, and bus tires. The top roll of the calender incorporates a sleeve, which can carry a profile form. There is an automatic system for storing, preheating and changing the profiled sleeves within three minutes, resulting in high overall productivity and safety. There is an automatic extrusion pressure control system to ensure the accurate thickness of profiled inner liners or profiled sheets in thickness from 0.5mm – 20mm. The unit is ideal for producing air bubble-free profiled inner liner for truck, bus and passenger car tires.


Automatic sleeve exchange roller head unit Overall view



A wide variety of exchange mechanisms for different needs and applications

Nakata sleeve exchange roller head units are capable of offering both automatic and manual exchange depending on the customer’s operating environment. In the case of automatic exchange, all processes from insertion to and removal of the sleeve from the preheating furnace, to sleeve exchange, can be carried out automatically, resulting in an apparatus that excels in both productivity and safety. Manual exchange employs a specialized C-type hanger, allowing easy attachment and removal of the sleeve.


Automatic sleeve exchange system



Automatic sleeve exchange system (sleeve exchanger)



Pre-heating box



Manual sleeve exchange system (C-type hanger)



Manual sleeve exchange system


Major Specifications of Extruder and Roller Head System


Sheet head aperture Calender roll Product sheets
Motor capacity kw Width (mm) Height (mm) Roll diameter Surface length Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
200 1850 30 <600> <2000> 1450 1.5〜9
450 2300 28 700 2500 2200 1〜15
300 1300 28 500 1500 1200 0.5〜4
200 1050 28 400 1300 270〜 0.5〜5
110 700 10 500 1500 1250 0.1〜1.0
45 600 22 310 900 500 1.5〜5
30 550 8 400 700 550 0.2〜2.0
18.5 185 5 200 250 100 0.5
7.5 95 3 120 150 100 0.3〜2
4.4 30 3 80 48 40 0.5

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