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Nakata Engineering develops not only extruders, but also various equipment and devices relating to tire production.


We have a vast range of experiences not only with extruders, but also with the interfacing machines. Let us introduce some of them on this website.

We also line up peripheral equipment such as high-speed tread skiver and etc.


With Nakata Engineering’s cutting-edge technology, 30 cut per minute performance at a set length (a 50% improvement on standard equipment), without stopping the conveyor, is made possible through use of a highly reliable AC servomotor and highly accurate ball screw. In addition, this skiver combines high speed cutting with high accuracy, as well as eliminating the hydraulic unit for quiet, space-saving, energy-saving operation that’s easy on the environment and contributes to overall improvement in production line performance.




Employing High Speed, High Accuracy AC Servo Drive



Main specifications of high speed tread skiver Main specifications of
conventional model
Cutter Cut cycle Max. 30 cuts/minute (Cut length 1500mm) Max 20 cuts/minute
Line speed Max. 45M/minute (Cut length 1500mm) Max 30M/minute
Cut accuracy ±2mm ±2mm
Cut length From 1250 to 3500 mm From 1250 to 3500 mm
Cut angle adjustment range From 15 to 30 degrees From 15 to 30 degrees
Knife 510mm x 6mm disc 510mm x 6mm disc
Control Carriage movement AC servomotor DC servomotor
Cutter movement AC servomotor Hydraulic cylinder
Raising and lowering cutter AC servomotor Air cylinder




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