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Nakata Engineering develops not only extruders, but also various equipment and devices relating to tire production.


We have a vast range of experiences not only with extruders, but also with the interfacing machines. Let us introduce some of them on this website.

We also line up peripheral equipment such as JLB system, high-speed tread skiver and etc.


Extremely accurate, high speed cuts (15 cuts per minute, with 21-degree cuts and a width of 200 mm) are made possible by applying a highly reliable AC servomotor and highly accurate ball screw to the shear cutter developed through Nakata Engineering’s cutting-edge technology and many years of experience. A newly designed mechanism also realized low noise.Through the use of an AC servomotor and high-accuracy ball screw in the joint apparatus as well, and the inclusion of a double zipper unit, this cutter is capable of high-speed, wide (up to 400mm) steel breaker cuts and joints. In addition to steel breakers, Nakata is also designing and producing auto joint and steel ply cutters, and supplying numerous cutters to the tire industry.



Double zipper for Wide joint




Main specifications of new steel breaker cutter Main specifications of conventional model
Cutter Cut cycle Max. 18 cuts/minute
(Width 200mm, 21 degrees)
Max 12 cuts/minute
Cut accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Cut width From 90 to 400 mm From 90 to 320 mm
Blade Life 360,000 cuts/edge x 4 edges 550,000 cuts
Cut angle adjustment range From 21 to 30 degrees From 21 to 30 degrees
Feeder movement AC servomotor AC servomotor
Cutter action AC motor + clutch ・ brake Hydraulic action shear cutter
Joint apparatus Joint cycle Max 15 joints/minute (200mm / 21 degrees) Max 12 joints/minute
Joint apparatus Double zipper format Single zipper format
Zipper movement AC servomotors (2) Air cylinder
Winder Wide / narrow – 2 types – reel winder Narrow reel only
Let off stand Double let off stand Double let off stand

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