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Variety of Our “Extruder” Peripheral Equipment




Various equipments and devices relating the extrusion process, such as a Various Screws, Motorized Feed Roller, Gear Pumps etc. can be found here.


Customers can select a suitable screw to match their extrusion needs from an extremely wide variety of feed screw stocks. We accept an order for a custom-made screw in a special design.






High Accuracy, Low Temperature, High Output Extrusion System

With a combination of extruder and gear pump, a variation can be reduced to 1% or less, while extrusion with a uniaxial extruder results in around 3%.
In combination with a cold, pin or vent type extruder, a gear pump can enhance the Nakata Extruders and allow them to work at the highest level of accuracy and quality.



Major Advantages : Gear Pump Combination Extrusion System

  1. Offers stable production extrusion regardless of changes in screw revolution.
  2. Offers speedy with the highest dimensional accuracy.
  3. Allows high die pressure.
  4. Avoids excessively high compound temperature.
  5. Increases output with high pressure.
  6. Avoids flooding on a vent type extruder.
  7. Is versatile and retrofittable to any extruder line.
  8. Minimizes rubber wastage. It offers an option to downsize the combination extruder.













Rotation speed is variable

A motorized feed roller is available for a customer who wants to change rotation speed ratio.




Variable Range

±30% against the standard rotation speed

Size Available (actual production result below, ask for the other sizes)

For φ60mm extruders – φ90mm extruders



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